Comment 13 for bug 707794

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

So this is supposed to be ABI-compatible with the opengl build, but I see the following symbols dropped on armel as a result of this change:

 QGLContext::chooseVisual()@Base 4:4.7.0~rc1
 QGLContext::tryVisual(QGLFormat const&, int)@Base 4:4.7.0~rc1
 QTransform::QTransform(QTransform const&)@Base 4:4.7.0
 QPaintEngineEx::pixmapFilter(int, QPixmapFilter const*)@Base 4:4.6.1
 QPaintEngineEx::endNativePainting()@Base 4:4.6.1
 QPaintEngineEx::beginNativePainting()@Base 4:4.6.1
 QString::QString(QLatin1String const&)@Base 4:4.5.3
 QPolygon::~QPolygon()@Base 4:4.7.0
 QHashData::hasShrunk()@Base 4:4.7.0

and two symbols have been added:
 qt_resolve_eglimage_gl_extensions(QGLContext*)@Base 4:4.7.1-0ubuntu11
 QReadLocker::~QReadLocker()@Base 4:4.7.1-0ubuntu11

I guess most of these symbols are pulled in via C++ headers and don't really matter, but the two QGLContext symbols may be an issue. Do we need to fix qt4-x11 to provide stubs for these functions when built for GLES2?