Comment 144 for bug 650539

> I am still seeing this issue in 2:1.9.0-oubuntu7.3 using the NVIDIA
> driver version NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.12 or NVIDIA-Linux-x86-260.19.29

No wonder. I verified the issue exists still by doing this:
$ apt-get source xserver-common
$ zgrep -A2 -B2 650539 xorg-xserver_1.9.0-0ubuntu7.3.diff.gz
+ * debian/patches/207_Xext_panoramiXprocs_fix_typo.patch:
+ - This prevents Qt applications from crashing when using
+ Xinerama multi-head with drivers such as nvidia (LP: #650539).
+ -- Alberto Milone <email address hidden> Mon, 22 Nov 2010 18:55:50 +0100

So it is reported to be fixed in the change log.

$ grep -A4 "pDst == screenInfo" xorg-xserver-1.9.0/Xext/panoramiXprocs.c
    if((pDst == screenInfo.screens[0]->root) ||
       (pWin-> == screenInfo.screens[0]->screensaver.wid))
        rep.dstX += screenInfo.screens[0]->x;
        rep.dstY += screenInfo.screens[0]->y;

So if compared to the original patch (, it is not fixed, only falsely reported to be fixed.

I'd really liked to see this fix included soon and before next Ubuntu is released. Althought I'm sure the history still continues to repeat itself and this will not get fixed before Ubuntu 11.04. Then the Ubuntu 11.04 version will break the multimonitor setup of Xorg (or something related) again and the fixing takes again more than releasing even next Ubuntu 11.10 and so on. That's the neverending cycle that have been past i-cannot-even-remember-how-many Ubuntus. I guess it's just so rare to use multimonitor setup that they don't test it before release.