Comment 35 for bug 334657

James (james-ellis-gmail) wrote :

Just to chime in, I got this on a fresh update to Jaunty on an old testing system (before upgrading production systems). I thought my locale had been set to Hittite or something like that ;)

Tried the following:
1. Alter nvidia driver (96 - it's an old system) to nv (no change)
2. Remove extra nvidia parts of nvidia xorg.conf settings (no change)
3. Removed plasma* in .kde/share/config (no change)
4. Moved aside .kde, restart kde (no change)
5. Used another notebook to help me navigate to the font settings, turn off antialiasing at a wild guess - fonts come back but ugly of course
6. Changed VBGR to BGR or RGB in sub pixel hinting, restart X (hint: set dontzap option to false in ServerFlags of Xorg.conf), login, fonts are back.

Attached a photo just to illustrate the problem for completeness.

I'd agree it's not a good ad for Kubuntu but I think it would only happen on upgrade and if VBGR/VRGB was selected in the previous setting.