Comment 34 for bug 334657

Vladimir (lomov-vl) wrote :

Hi all.
Qt 4.5.1 library is released.

Changes 4.5.1:
- Font rendering
   * Improved performance of subpixel antialiased text rendering by using a
     mask in the calls to XRender's text compositing function.
   * [248387] Properly respect the font config LCD filter settings for
     subpixel antialiased text rendering when Freetype's native subpixel
     rendering is disabled.
   * [248498] Fix garbled rendering of subpixel antialiased text when using
     Freetype's native subpixel rendering for vertical subpixel layouts.
   * [248644] Fall back to Qt's subpixel rendering if Freetype's subpixel
     rendering was available at compile-time but not at run-time.

May be this release will fix a bug?
The only disappoints me this bug was not resolved in Ubuntu 9.04 before its release.
I think it will take a time before Ubuntu will have qt 4.5.1 in repositories to test it.

cheers, Vladimir