Comment 42 for bug 1546328

Dmitry Shachnev (mitya57) wrote :


> - The qjackctl menu does not work, instead an empty drop-down appears. (for the reasons you already mentioned)

Right. I cannot do anything with this in Qt, qjackctl should really use the recommended APIs (i.e. QSystemTrayIcon::setContextMenu)…

> - Setting "Start minimized to system tray" makes desktop unusable. Mouse moves, but no input is possible. One has to use c/a/f1 to a vterm in order to kill qjackctl to make the desktop usable again.

I cannot reproduce this… Do you mean this happens when opening the menu? If yes, then selecting any menu item will make it disappear. However, as I said, detached menu in random part of screen is not a bad idea, and see point 1).

Without the menu opened I don't see what can go wrong. In any case it would probably be a bug in qjackctrl.