Comment 36 for bug 1546328

Len Ovens (len-ovenwerks) wrote :

Hmm, maybe for now just set ./configure --enable-system-tray=no or --disable-system-tray

Honestly, I use the system tray settings with qjackctl all the time. I just don't have the screen real estate to deal with it. Screen 1 has the editor window and meter bridge and screen 2 has the mixer panel and control surface gui (sometimes 2 of those). The systray is very useful for on the fly audio changes. On my system I will likely compile qjackctl with qt4 till upstream fixes it and then use that.

But locking the user input is just broken and the ISO is not usable, it is better than qjackctl run with no systray than lock the session.

There are still a number of applications that use qt4 (and 3 and 2) so the libs will be there.