Comment 35 for bug 1546328

Len Ovens (len-ovenwerks) wrote :

Ross: "we would have to advise users to manually edit their conf file to set StartMinimised to false." They may not be able to. A not uncommon use of qjackctl is to have it set to start with session in order to run jack at that time. So the user upgrades, reboots and finds they can't do anything... including start an editor to edit qjackctl's config file. The worst part of this, is that there is not real indication to the user that qjackctl is the problem. I don't know qt or I might try just disabling that option: remove that checkbox. Quite honestly, I have a little piece of code (in python) that I copied and use the same code for any of my own systray uses. I don't have a clear understanding of how systray or indicators work. My GUI work has been tk/tcl and fltk.