Comment 30 for bug 1546328

Len Ovens (len-ovenwerks) wrote :

Ross: Downloaded and installed qjackctl_0.4.1-1ubuntu2~ppa3_i386.deb from

Setup->misc->Enable system tray icon seems to work Minus the icon... stop and then start works ok too.

Setup->misc->Start minimized to system tray -- work ok still, but quit qjackctl and restart and my desktop show mouse movement but nothing works. I can not bring any window to focus or input to the already focused window. I have to c/a/F1 and killall qjackctl, c/a/F7 to get back in business. To correct this I have to remove Qjackctols config file as this seems to be the only way to be able to use qjackctl again.

Note: appmenu-qt5 is still installed. So it does not seems to fix anything.

So far, the ISO is broken. I will try one more thing: a reboot, and see if that helps.