Comment 51 for bug 1832622

Thanks a lot Fabiano!

So I summarize:
- #7 is in no way a degradation to #4:
  - all cap-ibs= modes are failing on that before and after
  - that means the new qemu didn't break anything in that regard
- #9 confirms that as soon as we have a fixed kernel under that new disco-qemu it will work for cap-ibs=workaround as well as cap-ccf-assist=off/on.

And IMHO that means we have confirmed that:
a) the new fix in qemu works
b) the new fix in qemu does not degrade it if used on the current kernel
c) we need the kernel change to eventually fully work (well we have known that)

With that I think we can declare qemu in disco verified and let it release.
And the upcoming kernel update will resolve ibs/ccf to be really usable in Disco.