Comment 48 for bug 1832622

Thanks a lot <email address hidden>.
Especially for noting the known firmware featues influencing this in your case and then combining cap-ibs=workaround,cap-ccf-assist=on to prove the new features work.

I see that cap-ccf-assist=on can be used and successfully grants the guest
[ 0.000000] count-cache-flush: hardware assisted flush sequence enabled

The one thing I wondered is your #7 showing cap-ibs=workaround not working.
Could that be another missed kernel patch as we have seen it working in #2.

Could you please add and run the following cases to your list:
*** 8- Bionic-proposed kernel + Disco-updates QEMU
*** 9- Bionic-proposed kernel + Disco-proposed QEMU
In those (at least) test "cap-ibs=workaround" and "cap-ibs=workaround,cap-ccf-assist=on"

With those two tests on top we can check if:
- if cap-ibs=workaround works in #8 but we know it failed in #7
  => the Disco kernel broke it in #7
  => We'd need to find what else the Disco kernel misses vs Bionic.
- if cap-ibs=workaround works in #8 but fails in #9
  => the new disco qemu update breaks it
  => We'd need to find why