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> Thanks for doign that Test Michael.
> It is a lot of text so I'll summarize (e.g. for the SRU team later):
> Section "No migration"
> => mitigation in the guest is detected correctly
> Section with migrations has three elements:
> => source == target config -> migration works
> => source older than target config -> migration works with warning
> => source newer than target config -> migration fails
> That is exactly as predicted/expected which means we can go on with this as
> an SRU.

Have tested and raised two issues
One is on migration:
Migration from cap-ibs=workaround -> cap-ibs=broken crashes guest rather to fail the migration gracefully.
expected the source guest continue to be in running state after the migration failure, but the guest crashes at destination and leaves the guest in source in paused state.
Raised Bug 180734 for the same.

Another is on usability of the hardware assisted flush(cap-ccf-assist=on), right now it has be set explicity in qemu-cmdline though we have HW support, but other layers like libvirt etc will not know about it. So it is not possible for user to set the capability though underlying HW is capable.
Raised Bug 180735 for the same.