Comment 12 for bug 1815889

Since my domain ran gl fine I was eliminating more differences one by one, keeping <gl enable='yes'/> to check if there is a second ingredient needed.

- do not set acceleration on virtio vido dev
- machine type q35 -> i440fx (and all pcie->pci that comes with that)
- 1 instead of 4 vcpus
- no host passthrough
- no boot from CD
- add pae feature
- remove rtc/pit/hpet clock attributes
- usb ich9-[eu]hci1 -> piix3-uhci
- no smartcard entry
- no usb tablet
- use cirrus video card
- virtio channel
- no PM config
- console virtio serial
- no soundcard
- reduce memory

None of it makes it work, but the files are nearly identical now