Comment 24 for bug 1788098

------- Comment From <email address hidden> 2019-02-25 18:35 EDT-------
I cherry-picked all patches on top of ubuntu-bionic (Ubuntu-4.15.0-45.48).

Then, the next step was trying to find a way to reproduce the bug.

I have noted, after several tests, that the previous suggestion of Michael Ranweiler was valid, but it's reproduction rate is about 50%. As previously I have tested only a few times, I could not get it to reproduce.

How it fails:
During 'memtest' second part, on a 'migrated to' guest, one of the migrations (that occur in parallel) would exit with a "Segmentation Fault" and not conclude the normal flow of the test.
(It never reaches the puts part)

After applying the kernel patches, it seems to work just fine all the times (I have tested 10+ times by now).

The kernel debs generated by the building process can be downloaded on the link bellow:
- Please use user=anonymous, passwd=anonymous if asked
- Make sure to download it soon, as the link will be available for 3 business days.

Building info:
command: fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic binary-perarch
git repo (before patches) : git://
(tag: Ubuntu-4.15.0-45.48)