Comment 4 for bug 1100843

Mark Petersen (mpetersen-peak6) wrote :

I tested with qemu-kvm 1.3.0. It seems that the issue still exists, but that it exists without a live migration if you wait long enough.

That is if you start a VM on one node and run phoronix batch-run pts/compilation, wait 4 hours (with the VM and physical host doing nothing else) an re-run the test you'll get results on the VM similar to if you run the test and then live migrate to a new host. I have no idea what's causing this behavior, but it seems to be reproducible.

For now this can probably be closed. I'll resubmit a new bug (possibly upsteam) if I can figure out how to get more details to help properly diagnose how/when/why the VM's slow down over time.