Comment 12 for bug 962376

DrJohn (jhinshaw) wrote :

Works for me, but... the KVM guest window hangs after shutting down the guest.

Ubuntu 12.04 host, VIrt-manager 0.9.1, Ubutnu 12.04 guest

Installed qemu-kvm-spice and changed link as in #10 above.
Installed python-spice-client-gtk
(restart Virt-manager)

Set the guest's Display to Spice (accept add channels)
Set the guests's Video to qxl (vga, vmvga show blank screens)

Qxl guest display remains blank through POST and system startup, then comes up at login screen.

Pushes the guest display to same size as host's native desktop; also enables clipboard between host / guest.

Upon guest shutdown the KVM guest window VM controls become unresponsive, but window is destroyed by File, Quit.

Guest window hang on shutdown does not occur with Cirrus Video.