Comment 25 for bug 941826

Peter W├╝rtz (pwuertz) wrote :

I don't even understand the argument. Lets turn it around/right again: Why not just dlopen Any application should be able to dlopen

"" is the library name everyone agrees to and everyone expects to find, which is exactly why this file exists in the first place, doesn't it? One should expect that this primary library name points to the most reasonable and (before all else) WORKING OpenGL library. If a distribution decides to do some name mangling for maintaining multiple versions or vendors it is of course free to do so. Please name it "" or "" if you want, buy why is it necessary for pyqt to know about your naming decision and most importantly: Why is it necessary to stick with a broken(!) default configuration?

It baffles me that it took 4 years to boil it down to one line of not giving a damn.