Comment 201 for bug 275998

talent03 (talent03) wrote :

So I am here to report my progress with this. I followed what Rocko recommended and upgraded the kernel to To do this I had to upgrade nvidia binary driver to 180.60 as well because the current one will not work with the jaunty kernel. Sound is definitely better because I don't get crackling anymore and latency issues so far. I almost want to apologize to the PulseAudio developer but when I upgraded the sound was still low on the mic, but when boosting it through paman I definitely had a better quality input. Since things work much better for me, I will just post the steps to getting there for me. There is no support for this, so be aware of that. Make sure to get rid of any workarounds to get this working. I hope this helps.

First install the nvidia driver if needed... I have m1330, so I needed it.
Install in order from this mirror since the archive for ubuntu no longer has it:

Install the kernel in order from here that I give for packages:
linux-headers-2.6.30-02063004-generic_2.6.30-02063004_i386.deb (or amd64)
linux-image-2.6.30-02063004-generic_2.6.30-02063004_i386.deb (or amd64)

Once all this is installed you can restart and everything should be functioning. You can adjust the mic sound through paman in the devices tab and click on properties for the input source. Set skype to pulse.