Comment 194 for bug 275998

talent03 (talent03) wrote :

Thanks for the comment Rocko.

As far as I have checked on this bug I have not heard that the 2.6.30 kernel fixed this problem. Was this fixed with the drivers, alsa, or something else in the kernel? Well either way... before I go on to upgrade the kernel on Jaunty, I want to know whether anybody else has confirmed that this has been fixed. If you are right then this is great. As far as I know alsa is built into the kernel now, so I would have to upgrade the kernel to fix it if it is alsa. If that is the case then this bug can be closed when karmic comes out; crosses fingers. Is there anybody with an idea on what fixed it though? Can we backport those fixes into this kernel. All questions for people more experienced than me. Thanks for the info Rocko, I just want confirmation before continuing.