Comment 191 for bug 275998

mike hancock (javaiscoolmike) wrote :

I think it is kind of sad/embarrassing to have this bug still open, since it effects the dell xps1330 with ubuntu pre-installed(well only after you upgrade....). there are only a few computers that dell has with Ubuntu preinstalled and this is one of them. I bought this computer so I would NOT have to deal with these kinds of problems(or at least see them get fixed very quickly). but this has remained for quite some time. I don't mean to sound rude, but I think bugs that effect hardware for any of the computers that have Ubuntu pre-installed on them should get special treatment. Period. I really feel... well let down with the Ubuntu community. You might ask, well what am I doing to fix this issue... well nothing. But I am a computer science major and I want to contribute code(in the future) to kde and kubuntu project(and I have been working to learn that). So I am no lazy slacker with FOSS that just wants my bug fixed. There really should be a group of people that make sure that any computer that is pre-installed with Ubuntu works correctly. If I can't trust a computer that came with Ubuntu pre-installed to work correctly with Ubuntu, what is the point of there being computers with Ubuntu pre-installed? How can this be marked wish-list. Yes I wish the hardware of the computer I bought with Ubuntu pre-installed would 'just work'. If it did, then I could recommend Ubuntu to other people and tell them to buy a dell it has Ubuntu pre-installed. But I can't recommend that if I know there might be problems like this!

The problem is not 'just this bug' but really the fact the on-one stood up and said "we need to make _DAMN_ sure that any computer that comes with Ubuntu pre-installed 'just works' ." This bug just shows that what I am saying IS a real problem. and I think it is a very serious one. This problem is pushing Ubuntu back to the idea of "it's just an OS for hobbyists or computer science nerds, not regular people."

before any one mentions "dell ubuntu project" well it turns out they only make sure that the system works with _exactly_ what was pre-installed, but they do care about after the system is upgraded....

ok, so I might not have all the facts, but I think I have enough to justify this rant. One thing is clear, people that bought dell computers with ubuntu pre-installed....

We need some answers, as to what the heck is going on here!!??