Comment 190 for bug 275998

Susan Cragin (susancragin) wrote :

Pulseaudio has other problems, other than this one. It stutters with many applications and sound cards. With some the sound quality is poor. With others, the applications get timeout errors and freeze or crash.
Check the bug reports.
It also is incompatible with the sound applications I use: wine and audacity.
And it runs on top of alsa, rather than in place of it, adding latency.
If you are comfortable without pulseaudio, right now it is impossible to remove it (I've tried) without causing major problems and having gnome programs chew up 50% of your CPU.

However, open a terminal
enter killall pulseaudio
and you are safe for a session.

Pulseaudio may someday become useful. Right now, asking it to work perfectly is a waste of typing time.