Comment 19 for bug 213149

KernelPanic (jfrusciante) wrote :

The policy might be desired, but the way it is implemented is IMHO buggy.

Scenario on my computer:

1. X running, tty7. Everything's ok.
2. Switch to tty1: no sound.
3. Login in tty1: sound comes back.
4. Switch back to X: everything's ok

Now, this is nonsense to me. X *is* running when I switch to tty1. There is no authentication required when I switch back to it. All my user processes keep running within my authenticated session; they are not stopped, they do not require another authentication when I switch back to it. So why only Pulseaudio stops?

I could understand if sound stopped after I quit/lock the session (annoying but, ok, safer). But I do not.
I am sure there is some technical reason for it but IMHO the overall behavior is buggy.