Comment 38 for bug 192888

I have compiled and installed nspluginwrapper (from the original source, so it's a manual install).

I now experience the following behaviour:
Browsing Youtube works correctly as usual, but at some times the flash box turns grey and a message dialog pops up saying this: "This problem report does not apply to a packaged program. (/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/linux/npviewer.bin)". Firefox does not crash, and if I confirm the dialog and reload the page, flash content will load normally.

I noticed in Fedora 9 that the flash box would turn grey, but there was no error dialog, so perhaps it's related to Ubuntu's extra apport or bugreporting hooks.

It appears that nspluginwrapper has potential to protect flash from taking down the entire Firefox process, so I think we should consider creating an i386 flavour of the wrapper too. This makes sense since we have no control over the non-free flash plugin's development, and it appears to protect Firefox from completely crashing.