Comment 334 for bug 192888

Mike Rooney wrote:
> Just remember with free software, if you are having an issue,
> you are the best person to put some work into it, instead of expecting
> people less affected than you to care more about it :)
I do put effort into free software, for instance by trying to file
informative bug reports when I hit a problem. However it is not
reasonable to expect me to create an informative web page about
something I have already made it clear I just don't understand. I am
also about to become busy because I am starting a new job tomorrow and I
won't have time for a lot of messing about with software. I do what I
can do. Please don't put me down for not doing more than that. The above
comment is patronising. If you want ordinary users to stop filing bug
reports or seeking help on the forums, this is the way to go about it.