Comment 329 for bug 192888

With regard to alecwh's request above, could I suggest that a page about this issue be created, perhaps on the ubuntu wiki, explaining what the problem is and what procedures are currently believed to resolve it?

Ascertaining what the problem is is getting extremely difficult, given that pulseaudio, libflashsupport and flash 9 (not 10) seem to have been involved in flash/firefox misbehaviour at some point, yet don't seem to be any more, despite the fact that the problem persists. To be honest, I have no idea which bug I am dealing with any more when flash continues to pack out on me every day. This means contributing meaningfully to bug reports is getting pretty hard.

Likewise I suggesting that the procedures that are supposed to solve the problem be described simply at this page, such as the one involving the packages conn uploaded not too long ago, so that their success or failure can be more easily reported, perhaps with a separate bug report for each procedure. I know it is not standard practice to have bug reports for things that are not yet part of Ubuntu, but I think we have an exceptionally serious situation here.