Comment 328 for bug 192888

wvarner (winshipvarner) wrote :


I was having the same problems with Flash on Hardy as you were, so I recently went ahead and updated my system to Intrepid (in part because I was continuously annoyed with this bug). From my experience it appears that this problem has been entirely fixed for 8.10 (at least on my i386 machine) - I've been surfing flash embedded websites for the past couple of days, and I've yet to have a single unwanted crash. Yay!

The setup I have is straightforward: Flash has been updated to, libflashsupport is uninstalled, and I don't have anything like nswrapper installed (which was mentioned above as a possible fix, but never seemed to work for me).

So it appears your problems will be fixed when intrepid comes out - which is just around the corner!