Comment 317 for bug 192888

Conn O Griofa (psyke83) wrote :

Stephen Hermann,

As we discussed, we're going to need libasound2-plugins within ia32-libs as well, due to the PA ALSA plugins.

When you set the the default ALSA device to PulseAudio (via "asoundconf set-pulseaudio"), the following occurs:

1. You launch an ALSA application.
2. The ALSA application looks in /etc/asound.conf or ~.asoundrc to determine the proper ALSA device, etc.
3. The PulseAudio ALSA plugins are used.

As you can see, the necessary libraries are part of libasound2-plugins:

conn@dimension:~/work$ dpkg -L libasound2-plugins | grep

When you run a 32-bit application, it will look for the 32-bit libraries, correct? We may need other libraries in ia32-libs due to PulseAudio, but "libasound2-plugins" we need for certain.