Comment 309 for bug 192888

Has anything changed recently?

I reported a while ago that something made this bug happen much more
common for me.

Now, as of today, it's even worse, as EVERY flash video with sound
freezes Firefox beyond control. 64-bit here.

Conn wrote:
> Sorry for the duplication, but there has been some overlapping
> discussion between this bug and bug #198453.
> If you look at post and
> (for 64bit users, thanks to Shot for the assistance), testing packages are available that essentially solve the (dire) situation with Flash and PulseAudio. Provided that we can backport/SRU the necessary packages for Hardy, and Flash 10 final comes soon, this bug is now completely fixable.
> I have been running with this configuration for the past two days, and I
> haven't seen a single crash in Firefox or Flash. And yes, Flash uses
> PulseAudio, so there should be no more audio mixing conflicts.