Comment 3 for bug 192888

I've only watched a few youtube videos and I've never experienced a crash, but on the forums several other folks have so I assume that it's a flash plug-in problem. If you can repeat the crash with a specific video, that would help. Also, watch your memory consumption (in a terminal: free), if you run out of swap, then that can crash firefox without warning. It could be a memory leak in the flash plug-in. I've experienced crashes with flash chat and music streaming from so I assume that it's the flash plug-in because the crash corresponds with RAM filling up, then swap filling up, then crash.

If we can get a repeatable use case, then we can confirm the bug, otherwise we know that the non-open flash plug-in is the likely culprit, and without the source, it's tough to fix. We can work around it by watching for memory leaks, and other things that cause crashes.