Comment 3 for bug 190754

Confirming using:
Athlon XP 2500+ 1.83Ghz
ABit NF7-S Mobo w/ NForce 2 chipset
NVidia 5900XT w 128MB with 169.09 from the restricted package
SCSI, SATA, and IDE harddrives

- Open Rhythmbox
- Choose Import folder from the menu
- Choose my music folder, which was about 4000 files, 20GB..
- CPU pegs at 100%, so should be a good test.
- while it's importing to the library, try to play a movie file...
strangely, the sound of the movie is solid, but the video is stuttery for me

While typing in this firefox window to confirm the bug (library still importing), there is significant lag while typing the text...
If you hold down a key like left or right to scroll through the text it's jumpy.

will have to reboot into Gutsy to confirm it's hardy-only...