Comment 27 for bug 190754

Shane: It certainly is, but probably makes sense to know which flash plugin you use. I know for certain gnash goes through pulseaudio if it's available - and if not probably just alsa. Don't know about the adobe flash plugin.

What is not clear to me still from this bug is whether this issue is a sound specific problem (lag and so on) - and then this is either pulse or alsa problem. Or whether this is a general responsiveness and multi tasking problem - and then most chances the kernel is to blame... (or some new configuration policy)
I personally suffer mostly from general unresponsiveness and slowness - sometimes the sound indeed halts when I just switch to another window (alt-tab, or just click-to-focus). And sometimes it's much more annoying - for example during a system update, refresh package list or install of packages the whole system is hardly responsive, slows down any interactive app, like firefox or a terminal and so on. This issue is very annoying - and certainly not related to sound.
So in the end is this bug about this problem, and just uses sound as a manifestation of it? or is it just a sound specific bug?