Comment 144 for bug 190754

Conn O Griofa (psyke83) wrote :

Ok, a quick follow-up to my previous post.

I played a movie (Blade III, audio at 48Khz and PulseAudio server at 44.1Khz) as a resampling test and I could hear crackling (that's unrelated to buffering) during explosion sequences. It seems the resampler "speex-fixed-0" causes some crackling distortion only at high volumes. I tried "speex-float-0" and there is no crackling or distortion even at the loudest volume, and CPU usage is still less than "speex-float-3". At the very least I think someone responsible for PulseAudio in Ubuntu and/or with high-end audio equipment should do some experiments with these resamplers, because at the moment PulseAudio is using an excessive amount of CPU.