Comment 129 for bug 190754

Gaspard Leon (gaspard.leon) wrote :

Well, I've finally upgraded to the release version of Hardy (blew away my beta version)
with freshly installed hardy (+ updates) it seemed fairly reasonable, wasn't seeing too many slowdowns... until I started using it a bit more..

So I upgraded to the proposed kernel... much improved responsiveness!! firefox seems to scroll properly now =)
but pidgins little notification sounds were still popping?!!

So I followed psyke83's directions in the thread
(except the equalizer part, I added all the fixes there, updated libasound, added /etc/asound.conf file, added buffer changes to /etc/pulse/daemon.conf)

Now the pidgin sounds are fine and I'm testing rhythmbox as I type this, and have been satisfied... there are no pops even using flash and multi-tab firefox.