Comment 18 for bug 1546310

Uranicus (matthias.ritter) wrote :


I wanted to give you a feedback on my testings. I am now on:

current build number: 275
device name: krillin
channel: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en
last update: 2016-03-08 06:14:58
version version: 275
version ubuntu: 20160308
version device: 20160108-efc96d8
version custom: 20160111-926-36--vivid

still with the silo installation I did on 2016-03-02 (so I have gradually updated my rc-proposed without having re-installed silo47 (I hope this is as you have expected it).

I had no issues with my bluetooth until this morning (2016-03-09, approx. 8:26 h CET). This issue might have something to do with the changes coming from silo47 or are just bad luck ...

I was in a longer telephone call. All of a sudden the bluetooth connection got interrupted. Looking at the logs I found around that time the following log statement from bluetooth:

Mar 9 08:26:31 ubuntu-phablet bluetoothd[899]: Start: Connection timed out (110)

The call itself still was active just the phone disconnected from my car.

Has this something to do with your modification or is this a different / new bug?

Logs are attached.