Comment 7 for bug 193696

Murray Cumming (murrayc) wrote :

> Murray, what does "pg_lsclusters" show for you? It will display the port and status of the cluster.

murrayc@murrayc-desktop:~$ pg_lsclusters
Version Cluster Port Status Owner Data directory Log file
8.3 main 5433 online postgres /var/lib/postgresql/8.3/main /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-8.3-main.log

> Also, what does
> sudo /usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/bin/pg_controldata /var/lib/postgresql/8.3/main
> show? That'll reveal the encodings.

murrayc@murrayc-desktop:~$ sudo /usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/bin/pg_controldata /var/lib/postgresql/8.3/main
[sudo] password for murrayc:
pg_control version number: 833
Catalog version number: 200711281
Database system identifier: 5163503598208647034
Database cluster state: in production
pg_control last modified: Tue 11 Mar 2008 11:01:19 AM CET
Latest checkpoint location: 0/44051C
Prior checkpoint location: 0/4404DC
Latest checkpoint's REDO location: 0/44051C
Latest checkpoint's TimeLineID: 1
Latest checkpoint's NextXID: 0/387
Latest checkpoint's NextOID: 11512
Latest checkpoint's NextMultiXactId: 1
Latest checkpoint's NextMultiOffset: 0
Time of latest checkpoint: Mon 10 Mar 2008 10:44:55 PM CET
Minimum recovery ending location: 0/0
Maximum data alignment: 4
Database block size: 8192
Blocks per segment of large relation: 131072
WAL block size: 8192
Bytes per WAL segment: 16777216
Maximum length of identifiers: 64
Maximum columns in an index: 32
Maximum size of a TOAST chunk: 2000
Date/time type storage: 64-bit integers
Maximum length of locale name: 128