Comment 6 for bug 577453

sleepingtolive (sleepingtolive) wrote :

I have an update on this bug.

After installing Ubuntu 10.04, I updated my current grub from LM8. After doing so, when I logged into LM9, the boot screen flashes on the screen then the screen goes blank like its off. After a few seconds, the log on screen displays and I can login.

I replicated this with another installation of LM9. After initial install, first upgrade of grub and on first startup, no graphical boot. After making necessary updates, no graphical boot. After I update grub, there is graphical boot. Oddly though, in the new installation of LM9 the Ubuntu graphical boot screen is display, not the LM9 screen that was flashed on the screen in the original installation. And the Ubuntu boot screen stays on until the login screen appears, unlike the original installation where the LM9 book screen flashes on the off.

Also, when I am at the grub screen, after selecting the LM9 installation, and before the bootscreen flashes or the Ubuntu bootscreen is displayed while loading, grub flashes on the screen some text. It is quick, but I can make out something about the VGA being depreciated. This does not start occurring until I complete all the steps and there is a graphical boot. I don't know where to look to find a log that would contain the text that grub displays.

Even after updating grub, the Ubuntu 10.04 continues to have no graphical boot.