Hibernate / Suspend should have graphical splash screens showing progress

Bug #36668 reported by Aaron Whitehouse on 2006-03-26
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plymouth (Ubuntu)

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I like that both the startup and shut-down of Ubuntu Dapper Flight 5 are now graphical and indicate the progress in a pretty, graphical way.

Hibernate and suspend, however, are currently quite nasty-looking. They either splurge text and numbers at the user in a scary and overly technical fashion, or give absolutely no feedback at all.

It would be great if the graphical progress for shutdown and boot could be extended to the power-saving features.

Daniel Robitaille (robitaille) wrote :

This wish is somewhat similar to bug 20300 (which was for just hibernate)

Gaëtan Petit (gaetanp) wrote :

o yeah
that's a great idea!

Ryan Rawdon (flieslikeabrick) wrote :

I agree, this would be a great feature. I had a nitpicking windows user who didn't want to use Ubuntu on his laptop because it lacked these finer points :-/

Paul Sladen (sladen) on 2006-03-29
Changed in usplash:
status: Unconfirmed → Confirmed
Shriramana Sharma (jamadagni) wrote :

I wish Malone had a way for users to add votes. I would vote for this one. SUSE Linux 10.1's hibernate display is quite neat, for comparison. It's dehibernate display is not graphical, but at least it is ok and clean. The *ubuntu dehibernate display is horrible!

Matthew Garrett (mjg59) wrote :

This will now happen if you use the uswsusp package, which should be the default in edgy+1.

Jan Mynarik (jan-mynarik) wrote :

I use uswsusp and I have a working usplash for hibernate/resume but there is a need to quiet those other message appearing before usplash while hibernating (and after usplash when resuming).

Vincenzo Ciancia (vincenzo-ml) wrote :

I have installed uswsusp, and nothing changed at all in the default setting, i.e. if I hibernate from gnome it works as usual without any novelty. However I saw it fiddling with mkinitrd during installation.

If I use the command "s2disk" it uses uswsusp, giving me a textual progress information which is already very comfortable, but on resume it hangs with I suspect 100% cpu usage, since my laptop fan becomes audible.

This is in feisty which I am testing. In edgy, it was almost the same, i.e. I installed uswsusp and nothing happened, but once I tried to get swsusp2 from trevino's unofficial repository. I saved the list of all packages and the list of all modifications I was going to make, and after finding that swsusp2 didn't work, I reverted _every_ package to the edgy version, and using normal suspend from gnome, *** I HAD THE GRAPHICAL PROGRESSBAR *** which I still have now in my edgy partition.

So it seems the machinery is all there, only something stupid must be done to activate it. Is there an howto? Any chances to get this in feisty?

Andrea Gasparini (gaspa) wrote :

in file /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh there's that code:

 30 if [ -x /sbin/s2disk ]; then
 31 DEVICE="/dev/disk/by-uuid/`awk -F= '{print $3}' </etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume`"
 32 if [ -f /etc/usplash.conf ]; then
 33 /etc/usplash.conf
 34 /sbin/s2disk -x "$xres" -y "$yres" $DEVICE

so, if you have s2disk, it seems that it's called with the parameters for a graphical suspend.
( asap i'll test it )

Id2ndR (id2ndr) wrote :

Any news about this missing feature ?

Saivann Carignan (oxmosys) wrote :

usplash now appears on intrepid, however it still don't show a progress bar. It simply says something like "waking up, please wait.."

hackel (hackel) wrote :

You can vote for this here:

Motin (motin) wrote :

This has been a standard feature in XP and OS X since eons ago... Almost 400 votes now on brainstorm. Is there underlying technical difficulties for this or does someone simply have to "get on to it"?

hackel (hackel) wrote :

Since usplash is no longer used, I am re-assigning this to plymouth. Should probably be assigned to the Linux kernel also, not sure if it even reports any kind of status information yet.

summary: - Hibernate / Suspend should have graphical usplash screens showing
+ Hibernate / Suspend should have graphical splash screens showing
affects: usplash (Ubuntu) → plymouth (Ubuntu)
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