Comment 22 for bug 1794292

Gert van de Kraats (gkraats) wrote :

Problem not solved.

I think I got 4 problems:

I think the second ppa (*mtrudel2*) has exacly same contents as the first one.
At least the binaries and shared loadlibraries have the same time stamp (15 october).
So this will not contain the last version.

I have the idea the shared loadlibs are not overwritten at the install.

The file /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.cfg, containing local settings was overwritten.
I do not know if this is caused by "apt-get install" or by "make install" on localcode.
According to contents of this file, this should not occur.

My proposed fix solves a bug, but probably not the problem.
To verify updating of the loadlibs I did "make install" with my own local code including an extra tracing message.
This crashed again with the usual stacktrace.
I include the plymouth trace plymouth-debug_GK91.log.
After the 5 seconds device timeout (caused by the missing setting to 10 seconds at /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.cfg)
the frame buffer device /dev/fb0 is activated, because drm still not initialized.
Also keyboard is activated for fb0.
Later on the is en event: got remove event for device fb0,
causing "ply_renderer_free:Unloading renderer backend plugin".
At the end the keyboards are deactivated including the one for fb0,
which is pointing to a non-existing backend.
So I think also the keyboard should be removed (if present)
if a device is removed.
This should avoid the crash. but I doubt the splash will be displayed correctly.
At my slow PC the problem is always reproducable by setting the timeout to 1.