Comment 72 for bug 1386005

FrancisL (francislav) wrote :

I have the same issue on a desktop
Intel i5 4th gen
NVidia GTX970

I have a fresh Install Ubuntu with encryption. By default it uses Nouveau Driver

From the driver UI, I switch to nvidia, then I reboot and the problem appear.


1. default kernel loading
It prompt with a low res screen and the disk decryption password doesn't work.
When I type nothing is shown. If I switch terminal with CTRL+ALT+F6 then CTRL+ALT+F7, I can see the password in clear Text and it doesn’t reload the UI

2. Most Recent kernel with (Upstart)
same as default

3. Most Recent kernel Recovery
Enter password in text mode
When Prompt, select "Resume normal boot"
Works fine

4. Previous Kernel (default)
Ask GUI disk password and work fine

5. Previous Kernel Upstart
Ask disk password and hangs there

6. Pervious Kernel Recovery
same as 3 but stock in 1024x768 res

I made the following changes :
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash noplymouth”