Comment 4 for bug 1479715

dx (dx) wrote :

Created bug 1529445, which is about a different fd leak in gstreamer 1.6.0 itself that can result in the exact same crash in pidgin as this bug.

It's not as straightforward as this bug in that it doesn't leak constantly for all users, but requires, for example, not having a sound card or some other error to play sounds (that's two different reports from users who got crashes).

Mentioning this here mostly because until today I thought this was yet another bug in pidgin that wasn't fixed, but no, it's a problem in gstreamer. Or rather, ubuntu in general, which doesn't do SRUs of bugfix-only releases until someone decides to point out that it's critical enough. *sigh*. Don't mind me, it's like 4am and I feel like I wasted most of my day with this dumb issue.