Comment 13 for bug 1479715

dx (dx) wrote :

I haven't had access to my dev computer for a few weeks so I couldn't test that wily-proposed package yet. I would appreciate if someone else did - the test case in the description is fairly easy to set up, IMO.

However, note that bug #1529445 is not the same thing as this bug - the wily-proposed package won't fix this.

This bug is about a very specific fd leak introduced in ubuntu patches to pidgin 2.10.11. In wily this should be fixed with the attached patch. In xenial, by upgrading to 2.10.12 and removing those local gstreamer 1.0 patches.

The other bug is about completely different gstreamer fd leaks that in rare situations may have the same effect with pidgin.

The gstreamer leaks are less frequent. The ones from this bug happen on every sound that is played.