Comment 4 for bug 1701731

Seth Arnold (seth-arnold) wrote :

Hello Ismail, thanks for taking on this task.

There's a few small things that I'd like changed before we sponsor this:

- Since Ubuntu doesn't really have package 'maintainers', there's no need to point out it's a non-maintainer upload
- We like the security updates to all have consistent formatting as described on:
- We like the patches to have DEP-3 tags to indicate at least where the patch came from, so future readers can verify patches independently. (While DEP-3 is kind of complicated and involved, it's basically just adding Subject: with something short and descriptive and Origin: with a link to the patch.) The full DEP-3 guide is at but don't feel compelled to read it unless I did a poor job describing it here.

Could you submit a new patch with these items fixed up?