Comment 33 for bug 1677578

After better understanding I was easily able to confirm the actual issue.
Sorry once more for the useless noise Vasya.

When getting to the end of execution normally I see small mem fottprint:
3392 www-data /usr/bin/php-cgi 4516 2884 6581 12460

When killed by "Maximum execution time" the big foot print stays:
3504 www-data /usr/bin/php-cgi 783068 4137636 4140345 4147292

I'm not sure if that was clear before, I also found that this happens only if the process is killed while "IN" the Imagick constructor. As soon as it leaves the constructor the memory is freed and thereby not left around later.

I confirmed that up to the latest release being Zesty with php 7.0.15-1ubuntu4.