Comment 37 for bug 397721

Ondřej Surý (ondrej) wrote :

If your arguments are based on PHP 5.4 (which even doesn't have a release plan yet or it's own branch in SVN) then this discussion is pointless. This bug is asking for the php-fpm package right now and this is not going to happen in Debian. And I already said that we will consider it (and most probably do it) when it's included in core php, which is most probably going to happen in squeeze+1.

And I doubt that PHP 5.4 will be included even if it's release before squeeze is released. 5.3.x wasn't really ready before 5.3.2, and we can expect same with 5.4.0. New bugs creep in with new features, that's the general rule of the thumb for any software, not just php.

So, please calm down. PHP-FPM will be included when the time is right.