Comment 33 for bug 397721

Ondřej Surý (ondrej) wrote :

> It should be included but marked as experimental.

There is no such think as "experimental mark". We have experimental "pseudo" release, which is not in widespread use, and we have stable/testing/unstable. What I am talking, that I don't want to see php-fpm in stable (which also means testing and unstable) before it gets release together with php, gets widespread testing by early adopter (not only on Debian) and get proper security/bug support via

PHP is complex on itself and has it's load of bug and we have to support the version which gets to stable. Fixing bug in stable does take a lot of work, because the policy is "keep the version, just fix the bug".

So I am perfectly happy to add php-fpm when it gets included to 5.4.x. And I guess we could even think about including the patch after we get the squeeze out and new release cycle begins, but I would need a second opinion on that and we would probably need a promise from upstream to get a proper bug/security support. Supporting new SAPI, which is likely to be used more and more, is not the same as adding some corner-use extension.

BTW: If you want always new and shiny PHP version with all the latest features, you shouldn't be using Debian version anyway. Dotdeb is carrying php5-fpm. Do not take it as a recommendation to use it (or discouragement, I just don't have enough info about dotdeb policies.)