Comment 9 for bug 1272788

On 18 April 2014 11:58, Renan Gonçalves <email address hidden> wrote:
> The package 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu3 have the correct upstart script with
> "reload signal USR2", which works great on Ubuntu Trusty since it uses
> upstart >= 1.10.0
> The fix for this bug introduces a new package, called "5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4", which comments out "reload signal USR2".
> Making it work on Precise but breaking on Trusty.
> Installing a new Ubuntu machine with the latest version and latest PHP should be the priority to work out of the box. No adjustments should be needed.
> If anyone wants to use Precise with the latest PHP version, adjustments to the upstart script are okay.
> Hence, IMO this fix should be reversed.

We fully understand the drawbacks of all combinations, and there is no
win-win situation at the moment.
At release time, it was decided that smooth upgrades are more
important than supporting reload mechanism in this single job.
Independently, i'm working on patches to "service" and "invoke-rc.d"
commands to properly support this case.
Once those get accepted into Debian, and subsequently SRUed into
trusty, this change can be reverted and the service will be correctly
started using sysvinit upon upgrades from precise and will be managed
by upstart after reboot into trusty's upstart.

If you require reload functionality, you can uncoment that line in the
upstart job or add "reload signal USR2" into .override file next to
the job file.