Comment 8 for bug 1287726

I cannot specify it further, since it's our own API that communicates via JSON that broke, due to php-json in Ubuntu not conforming to the JSON standard. Time will tell how many will get hit by this bug. Might be zero, might be thousands. Fact of the matter is still that it accepts JSON input that is not valid JSON according to the JSON standard.

I see my two options, and I can certainly understand your stance. We're not able to fix this with the resources we have, and convincing Debian to take a different legal stance is a holy war that I cannot win. so my only option is:

3) Move all servers that use JSON away from Ubuntu and on to something with a JSON standard conforming php-json.

Thanks for your time!

P.S Will this bug stay open until it's maybe fixed some day? Then I know when I can consider using Ubuntu again.