Comment 20 for bug 1636666

Anders Kaseorg (andersk) wrote :

I did some quick searches to assess the state of upstream PCRE2 support in the packages listed on Jeremy’s tracker. It’s better than I thought:

• ClamAV, Git, HAProxy, SELinux, PHP, Qt, and VTE upstream all support PCRE2.
• PHP, Qt, and VTE upstream all _require_ PCRE2 now.
• In fact, Qt in Ubuntu 17.10 main is _already using_ (a bundled copy of) PCRE2! Go look at the build log.;a=commitdiff;h=f2592b29f13907ddf2bba42d00bc41cb8ee5b69b

So it seems unlikely that sticking our head in the sand will keep PCRE2 out of main for very long even if we wanted that.