Comment 56 for bug 946663

iGadget (igadget) wrote :

I don't have any NTFS partitions either. And for me the workaround as mentioned in #51 worked, although I skipped the whole /home2 part. I just:
- kept my existing /home unmounted until the installation had finished
- made a copy of everything in the created /home just to be sure (never needed it afterwards, though)
- then edited the /etc/fstab file on the target disk to mount my existing /home
- rebooted, done.

But I agree with #52, this is NOT a solution.

I am curious what Canonical thinks is the best way (recommended flow) for existing Ubuntu users who prefer NOT to use the upgrade mechanism, but install a fresh setup instead and then re-use their existing /home.
IMHO, this flow is very complicated (to non-techies) even if this bug were not present. Perhaps I should file a different bug for this?