Comment 0 for bug 1650300

bugproxy (bugproxy) wrote :

I installed Ubuntu 16.04.1 on an FBA device. When the partman menu appeared, I created a new partition table on DASD 0.0.ede0 (FBA), and then I created two partitions: 0.7G ext4 for /boot and 10G ext4 for /.
Installation proceeded ok, and the system ipled from EDEV EDE0. All fine.

During a 2nd installation on the same device the following problem occured:
After activation of the previously installed EDEV disk, partman shows one single full size partition, which is not correct:
DASD 0.0.ede0 (FBA ) - 10.7 GB IBM S390 DASD drive
> #1 10.7 GB

while kernel has the correct info:
~ # cat /proc/partitions |grep dasd
  94 0 10485760 dasda
  94 1 683584 dasda1
  94 2 9801984 dasda2
Continuing with the installation from here results in a system IPL that ends up in an initramfs, since the rootfs could not be mounted due to an incorrect partition table.

Attaching syslog.

Until this bug is fixed, I recommend to describe the workaround (when installing on EDEV DASD it is highly recommended to create an empty partition table on the entire device before partitioning) in the release notes.

Maybe you can have a look info LTC bug 137464 / LP1548411 which described a similar problem with vdisks under KVM.