Comment 23 for bug 420080

Jochen Gruse (lpnet) wrote :

Sorry for the delay, but you'll get a success as an excuse! B^)

Tried Kubuntu Oneiric alternate amd64 daily, Timestamp "15-Sep-2011 05:23". Partitioner works great, Oneiric installs, reboots and runs, /etc/fstab and /etc/crypttab are correct.

Two points I'd like to address:
* /etc/fstab uses "/dev/mapper/system-root2" instead of UUID=... This works OK, but is it what you expect it to be?
* GRUB installs OK, but reports an error after update-grub run. Choosing "Continue without installing a bootloader" finishes the installation and Kubunto reboots successfully into Oneiric, i.e. GRUB works. It's really the new installation of grub as it shows the menu to choose between 11.04 and 11.10.

I didn't find a fitting bug report. Want me to open a bug for that?